Friday, October 26, 2007

das gut!

damn! i get a certain taste and flavor in my mouth and i want more. once again i digress for here is the taste i want to write about - zergut eggplant appetizer. i love the name of this stuff. funny only in that i use it for so many things other than putting it on a cracker. this stuff is so inexpensive too @ $3.20 for a 19oz jar at pfi here in the emerald city! it wasn't too long ago i had this folded into scrambled eggs - fantastic! and i use it in pasta all the time along with spinach and feta...phenomenal! the entire line of zergut products have been great...also at pfi you can get pickles, roasted red peppers and a ton of other stuff too. as much as i should be roasting my own peppers and eggplants, this stuff is the deal for real.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


been to vancouver lately? i have and i love it there for multiple of those reasons is les amis du fromage located in kitsilano. here you can purchase all kinds of canadian cheeses including some, god forbid, not pasturized! along with cheese, the kind folks here will also guide you around some of the wonderful pate they sell there which is also made in british columbia. and since they are food nerds, they also have a good resturant suggestion between handing you tastes of what they sell. when in kits next, visit these guys and do a picnic or just bring some over the border like ms. ms and i did. mwah ha ha!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ballard market

that is where i am going right now...back with a report later.