Wednesday, January 9, 2008

repetition is ok, isn't it ok?

i have a love hate affair with chicken. when i make it for myself, i love it and for that matter, when someone makes it for me, i love it all over again. when i am dining out, ordering is near impossible as it usually is not good, overpriced or just stupid (it's chicken damn it!). but when i am in l.a. this week, i plan on ordering chicken...oh yes and this is where, VERSAILLES!!! great god above - this is the famous garlic chicken and it is as good as it gets. man oh man, this place is great and no secret to angelinos. i want to try new places but why when food is that good and you are there for only five days? which means i am going ot in-n-out burger and if i am lucky, maybe a visit to el tepeyac and really crank up the cardiac arrest...i guess if that was the goal i'd go to roscoe's too but i digress. why eat healthy while in l.a.? but back to the bird for a moment as i am seriously going to consider the other outstanding chicken in soCal, (i wouldn't do you like that) zankou chicken. for real. i am off to oc/la tomorrow and will report back on my findings or revisits when i get back.

until then, here's a distraction for you - chick this out.

Friday, January 4, 2008

paseo the peas

talking about food is another element that makes eating a great experience. everybody's got opinions and god knows i am not in the least bit shy to share mine. it wasn't too long ago i was asking my pal bksmag what his fave sandwich in seattle is (i actually value his opinion knowing he can easily make the best sandwich in town) and he threw down an entry. mind you that was months ago and just recently another pal h.LO asked me about the best sandwich in town - - - i see a theme...and we all came to the same conclusion...! behold the paseo cuban pork sandwich

this is the hands down winner. both h.LO and i were going on and on about the greatness of this thing. so sorry about the size of this picture as this sandwich deserves so much more...this is not an enormous sandwich, it is big for sure but the tastes are pitch perfect. pork that is grilled and has the flavor of char and maintains the simple pork taste along with carmelized onions, aioli, pickled jalepenos, crunchy romaine lettuce on the right baguette which is both hard and soft - this is thee seattle sandwich. and paseo gives you a little cobette of corn too! oh - did i mention the price at a mere $7.50, this sandwich gets better and better with every visit. what must be mentioned about paseo is that nearly everything else they make is quite good. small, crowded, cash only and a bit nutty, get yourself over here and enjoy.

paseo 4225 fremont ave n. 206-545-7440

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2 0 0 7 etc.

ah, the year has come to an end and i thought, why not do a year end type reflection on what snacktruck enountered this year...hmmm. at the beginning of the year (and i mean exactly on jan. 1) i had my finger on exactly what i wanted to eat this year yet i seemed to have lost touch with that. what happened here? i can only reflect on this and come to the conclusion that i got very excited with the 'concepts and potential' of what the year would bring only to know have the hindsight that what i thought i wanted was just merely a hope - not even close to reality. i wanted healthy, vibrant, alive and challenging nourishment and i got some, but not exactly what i wanted. this is not to say i did not have a fun year eating some other things which were tasty and a lot of fun...i did. behold my year of some new, some old and some rediscovered.

that picture above is of tavolata. my first visit brought me there on super bowl sunday and had an exceptional meal consisting of the insanely large t-bone steak with cippoline onions, a sublime gnocci and a standard yet fresh green salad. after going back here and there and having many a good pasta and perfectly grilled tuna, tavolata become one of my favorite places to eat in 07. another place that hit the target this year was the jolly roger at the maritime brewery. anybody who knows me understands my love of this place and i must say i think it is getting better and better. just last week i went there with two people who know the difference between good and great food and we all left feeling as though we experienced one of the finer lunches in seattle! details unnecessary as i will say this, anything ANYTHING you get there will work. whether it be bar food or one of the incredible dinner specials chef dave miller is making - this is one of seattle's unsung places to eat...if you know anybody who has been here - they know. another standout is green leaf in the ID. i love vietnamese food and this place shines like few others in seattle. a month back i was there with three other friends and we ordered bun rice vermicelli, pho, ban xeo
(crepe), fresh rolls and damn it if everything was simply out of this world.

yet, 2007 belonged to not a certain place in seattle and not really even seattle but pdx. i went to portland a lot this year to see what exactly is going on down there...and i came back with many great dining experiences and get this, i have a ton more to try. biggies were le pidgeon, simpatica catering and some taqueria in the alberta neighborhood. what is funny is that i will be back there in a couple weeks! enough of my ranting and raving - i am going to be lazy and ask you to check out this nytimes article on what the hell is happening in the rose city.

back to seattle and hats off to our fair city with lots of new places which were quite good like beato, decent like barolo, some a bit too precious for my taste like tilth and others just plain nutty, coupage - which i liked. next up, i am going to find myself at quinns, how to cook a wolf and txori. reporting later.

feliz ano nuevo amigos!