Thursday, November 1, 2007


today a good friend made me lunch (green goddess salad dressing anyone?!) and during our lunch, she said "you repeat yourself all the time". i do not! ok, i do. and i believe food is the same...if you go and get the same thing at a place that rarely veers from one day to the next and the menu is spartan, then i say repeat thyself and do it often. that is my habit or whatever you wanna call it at szechuan noodle bowl as i order the same thing over and over, never wrong - always great.
here is your simple chinese dumpling soup with housemade noodles, baby bok choy...white pepper, you get the idea. this amazing bowl of greatness is good on a hot day, a cold day or my personal favorite time to eat it is right after swimming in lake fact, once i ate there wearing my still wet swim trunks and a t-shirt. get this or the beef noodle soup along with some bamboo shoots and one of the best green onion pancakes ever. this place for three is about 25 dollars. money well spent friends.

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