Tuesday, November 20, 2007

hit the streets...eat raw meat

i bitch about a lot of things and one of my biggest rants is street food or the lack thereof. check out this photo of my pal jesse holding a falafel he purchased OFF OF A TRUCK, a falafel truck in capital hill here in seattle. hard to miss too, it is next to caffe vita on pike. what the hell? now i want to tell you how it tasted because i got one too - but no. i have not got one of these spendy - at $6.00 - deep fried friends of both vegetarians and meat eaters alike. so, i will tell you one day how this adds up but what a great start beyond the hot dog carts we have here in seattle...which by the way, suck. i do not like cream cheese on my hot dog and dante inferno dogs will not let you dress the damn thing on your own...they do it for you. that is infuriating and just plain wrong. being a big fish in a small pond, dantes are widely praised yet it begs for more damn street food!!! portland has tons of street food, don't get me started about nyc or for that matter, anywhere else...we seattlites are lacking. i wanna see more and i am wondering - what is stopping this from happening?

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