Thursday, December 27, 2007

ask and ye shall receive

after starting this blog, many people have asked "where is that photo taken from at the top of your blog?"! and the answer is las columnas bar in seville, spain. i loved this place...loved it so much that i went about three times. inexpensive and tasty tapas reign supreme here and what i loved about it was the big people leaked out since there were so few tables. check out the above shot and you can see what i mean. here i have my picture of delicious pork lomo in a soft roll with tomato and olive oil - man oh man is that good. what separated this place among the million other tapas places in seville was the modus operandi of the place - - first, they had this huge, almost horseshoe like bar with a grantite when someone would order their drinks and tapas, one of the many bartenders would keep tally of what you had by writing on the granite top with chalk! and this place was bananas every single day - so busy that i would watch these guys remember who ordered what and my jaw would hit the ground on the entire debacle. pretty damn good tapas too for i had not only the aforementioned lomo but ham (duh), weird salads consisting of tuna, olive oil, olives, potatoes and boiled a spanish nicoise but not really. so, when in seville, check out this place or get across the river for some great food.

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