Monday, December 17, 2007

i got a crush on you

my birthday was in october yet i am going to write about my birthday dinner now. why now? because i was going back and forth with different resturant people, some food freaks and others last friday night about where to eat in seattle. i recalled my birthday dinner with ms. jen/o. she took me or shall i say she suggested crush, i was like - uh, no problemo. i really like owner/chef justin an awful lot, he and his wife nicole are neighbors of mine, they go to another fave or mine, sweet and savory and he is just an exceptionally kind guy. so, off we went. and j.o. had never been there so when she suggested sharing the tasing menu along with two other starters, i was game! over the top and maybe a bit too much but check out this octopus salad with chickpea fritters along with some chorizo...

this was one of those dishes that upon first bite, perfection. above the pic of this salad is the largest of grilled scallops along with some foie gras placed on top...which was a birthday gift from chef jason. lovely man like i said...this too left us speechless. i wrote notes down on sauces, complexities and what not but they are lost. that is what i get for posting this 60 days after the fact but i guess i did come to one conclusion, crush is my place for a solid, unflinching meal in seattle...any thoughts?

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