Tuesday, May 13, 2008

bowling me over

you know what i love about my food blog? other peoples food blogs!! so, the time has come to blog about another blog... the weirdos at msg150. if you are in my fair city of seattle you might have heard about these guys as they are attempting (or better, are) eating at every place in our international district aka chinatown. i prefer chinatown only due to the million chinese places and uh, last time i checked, ain't nobody selling me a schwarma, an eggplant parm or any carnitas...international district, grrrr! back to the msg150 group, they rule. this is the kind of food writing i love largely due to the idea and execution is insane. i love the fact they are already burned out on chinese (duh) and that mostly the food is good and not that outstanding. they love the schezuan noodle bowl and that makes me happy because i do too. the picture above just makes me salvate like pavlov's dog...so, good reading for you and yours when you check out these guys adventures. good eating to all.

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Adam said...

Hey! Thanks for reading our site! If you're ever in the area... come on over and we'll do lunch.