Tuesday, May 6, 2008

boy meets grill

i got a new neighbor...well, kind of. f.f. just purchased a place in beacon hill (1.7 miles away) and she had me over recently to show off her new digs. she used to live in fremont (ugh - and one of the worst neighborhoods in seattle to eat at)so beacon hill is unchartered territory for this chick...and man she loves two things: eating and dancing. i like eating so she asks where? the first place i think of is el asadero on rainer blvd. this is the taco BUS not truck that makes some of the best carnitas outside of so.cal and this place is totally inexpensive too! $1.00 tacos and even better $1.50 mulitas (hello kak!) which are kinda a mexican pupusa but not really. a mulita is two corn tortillas stuffed with the meat of your choice, avocado slices and some jack cheese...grilled!!! these things are incredible - just perfection. everything at el asadero is outstanding but why eat burritos when you can have a torta (hello bksmag!) which seems to be tastier with every visit. this is the place to eat on rainer...and as you can see from my photo, the only thing left is an empty plate. this place is no secret either - everybody and their grandmother goes here and for good reason, the place rocks.

oh yeah, we went and got sushi at maneki that night. jean-san took great care of ff and i - we had an exceptional time. next stop, el asadero!! vamanos!

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Cecile said...

Dude, are you ever going to start blogging again? You are the one person I know who knows everything there is to know about what one needs to know... about food.
Time you put your lazy butt back to work and to enlighten us on the latest chow in town!
Get to work. Goddammit!