Tuesday, April 29, 2008

not a diner and not a steal but damn good

so in writing about a place to eat i find that after one visit can be enough yet after a couple - i then feel as though i can put both feet down and write something a bit more complete. steelhead diner fits this criteria. what pushed me here was last weeks sunday LA times article and i was just there a week back. my two other previous visits i liked this place - and i liked it a lot yet there was something nagging about this place. i think it was because it is called a diner and it ain't no diner but that is really dumb. so maybe it was because i thought the food was great but it seemed to lack something...yet i could not put my finger on that (more on that later). whatever the reason - here is my assessment from three visits - - last one first. a week back frank and i were starving and she had to eat something "bad" and when she says bad, that means gravy or chicken fried steak or something to that caloric/arterial death defying meal. we were downtown, half awake and ready...we ended up at the steelhead diner and good thing. we ordered family style and got a house salad which was iceburg lettuce, bacon, blue cheese, boiled egg, red onion and lorenzo dressing. a shitload of dressing - too much as i want to taste my bacon!! still it was tasty and fullfilled "bad" desires. next up, fried chicken sammich with fries but we went the gravy route and got poutine (!!) as written about below. the sammich was great, white meat cooked perfectly, hot and with slaw - tasty. the poutine was not as exciting missing a serious bite that i like with poutine and frank said she would have liked the fries crispier...me too - good point. we got some desert in the form of rhubarb cobbler with vanilla ice cream...perfection. we napped after this meal but wait, i said i was going to write about a couple other times i went there - what about the caviar pie? what about the crab cakes? the meal i detailed above was the lesser of the three visits as the caviar pie and the crab cakes as well as the pork sandwich and the black cod i had there before were pretty close to perfect. does a place go up or down after being open an extended period of time is a case by case study but i will give them another try as my family is visiting this week and god knows, they read that damn LA times article.

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