Monday, April 28, 2008

PBC pt. II

people love their breakfast out in our fair emerald city. i'd be hard pressed to say i have a favorite however that is enough pressure for me to say my favorite for the past couple years + is the portage bay cafe. and a funny place in that people i trust their food opinions think it is merely ok to downright bad to other folks who say it is a godsend - truly fantastic! the place is wildly popular - every single saturday and sunday morning it is crowded and a wait is going to happen. i have my favorites here including some greek style omelette with spinach, bacon (and damn good bacon too), myzithra cheese and some basil pistou on top. another favorite is the black bean pancetta cake with two poached eggs...good potatoes too. the many people who are big sweet fans go back for the pancakes, french toast and daily specials so that they can go to the breakfast bar which is basically, dress up your sweet morning treat with a variety of berries, nuts and god only knows what...about four years back i was there with my pal FAH and she ordered something sweet which we shared...and they had marcona almonds...which i later learned was a mistake to have those out instead of the regular california almonds. oh well. anywho, i am writing about the portage bay cafe as they are about to launch their second location in the south lake union locale. i went to the opening party last friday night and they snagged a great location and an even better look inside! following suit with so many other places as of late, they will have a community table and lots of space. no matter this place will be nuts like the original on roosevelt.

great news too...the menu remains the same and that means they will probably loosen up some of the flow from the original location. so, whether you like the portage bay cafe or not - i think this will be a great addition to the neighborhood that also houses my gym. oh the irony!

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