Thursday, April 3, 2008

skilled with a T

blah blah blah. everybody has suggestions on where to eat. i am relentless with my suggestions and furthermore, i am not sure why i bother to listen to anybody as i seem to dig out places without barely looking. case in point, skillet. have you heard about these folks? sure you have...first - you get an airstream trailer, you go to different locations, you get busted by the health dept., make great food - yup, pretty damn good food too. after a rather important meeting this morning, i went to skillet as they parked in ballard for i had to get me an egg sammy for breakfast. decadent and gooey, this was tasty my friends! crazy texan sweet bread toasted encased with two fried eggs (over easy), some pork and a chili sauce that was not smokey nor too hot but tasty all the way. good. wait, great and maybe a bit much for later i am there four hours later with kak and she orders not only a pulled lemongrass pork sandwich with fries - she orders the damn poutine! i am not even hungry from my late breakfast and yet, i dive into the poutine...thank god we are near a hospital!what is poutine? only the most trendiest of dishes currently here in seattle. quinn's serves it - so do a couple other places and hey, fine with me because it is decadent, delicious and rather weird. i like the name too! so, back to the trailer park food - good times and not a secret by any stretch - there were about fifteen or so people there for lunch! find them, go and rejoice because finally, seattle has street food!!! and it is good. really good.

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