Wednesday, April 9, 2008


so you think whole foods is expensive? it is. and i think so too but i think they are a great supermarket in that they have an exceptional selection of fish and meat, the vegetables are usually very good (although i'd rather shop at one of our many farmers markets) and pretty much everything else is darn good. yet, i rarely go there...they do have some decent pate and a great cheese selection but still, too damn expensive! so i go all over the place - to uwajimaya, i go to mcpherson's fruitatorium/vegetaria and i also go to the ballard market near my office. i will go as far as saying if they had an even better cheese selection and a charcueterie - this would be one stop shopping for me. nonetheless, it is better than whole foods solely because it is a locally owned place, every employee i have spoke with say they get treated very well, they make a damn good sandwich (try the grilled ruben) and all my drinking pals say the wine and beer selection is top shelf all the way!! but be warned as it is not inexpensive however it is less expensive than whole foods and a lot easier on the conscious than *shudder* safeway or qfc. frankly i like going all over the place for foods, hell, i go to the leschi market for bacon and sausage (it rules! best bacon in town!) but seattle, you have an exceptional, locally owned store!! GO!

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