Monday, May 12, 2008

rhymes with feather

this weekend the seattle art museum was throwing down a 36 hour marathon to promote a show on its way out and it gave me an excuse to go there at some weird hour - read, after midnight, to check it out. yet to get this weekend started, i went there on friday to TASTE, the nice little place to eat at the museum, at 4:00 to check out the happiest of hours and get my snack on. i had some cioppino which during the happy hours of 3:00 - 6:00 is a mere $5.00! this is a modest serving with a couple clams, a mussel, some salmon and a bit too sweet for me but tasty tomato broth. oh yeah, it made me hungry so i ordered to sliders. i refuse to call them mini burgers because that just sounds too precious. these were awesome - juicy, and toasted buns along with melted gouda, some nice relish and pickled jalepenos! nice! these burgers are just great!!! i talk with ms. mvc and she throws down a pass to the museum for above mentioned marathon so lo and behold, i am there after midnight on saturday...where i got this ice cream sandwich. a double shot of espresso (decaf people) and two chocolate chip cookies with some vanilla ice cream...a great way to just fall apart with a midnight snack. good times. eating at museums can be pretty touchy - er, downright bad but the folks at SAM got it going on. easily one of the best happy hours in town and get this ice cream sammich!

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